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A look at what modern JRPGs do wrong when it comes to writing, viewed through the lens of Final Fantasy VII.

20 July, 2021 2 comments

Outer Wilds is not a horror game, but it is scary. Why is that? This essay explores fear as a concept and how it relates to the world of Outer Wilds.

11 April, 2021 8 comments

A remake of the game that started it all. Does it stand the test of time, or is it a painful reminder of how the series has evolved?

8 April, 2021 0 comments

The term literary has never really been thrown around when it comes to games. But there will always be exceptions. Two games, released two decades apart, prove that literary writing has a place in gaming.

1 April, 2021 6 comments

Josef Fares’s latest game takes a new and daring approach to co-operative gameplay. Does it succeed?

11 March, 2021 0 comments

A creative approach to the CRPG genre that will smother you with exposition.

10 March, 2021 0 comments